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Upload your Drawings, Paintings, Photos and where?



After every class most attendees upload their drawings using the following links depending on what the classes are that we host Online (Visible to all Members on our home page). Whenever we upload anything there we can also see what has been uploaded recently.

If your drawings may be precious, valuable or really good, you should upload only one or two there, making sure you write your name and Surname initial (avoid writing your full surname). This will help viewers find your Patron groups and possibly join in. You can only own a Patron group if you agree to share your knowledge/Skills with your group members. To Help us create your Patron group you'll need to provide High res. images of your Art, or scans, as well as your Story and Artist CV, if any, to be emailed at eukart at

Links to upload:

Ellaborate Drawings and Paintings:

If those feel valuable to you and may have been created using our many classes recordings and don't want to show them to anyone, you will need to email us (eukart at high res. images, your Artists CV, Titles for each artwork, sizes, medium used and price you'd sell them for. We'll simply add our 40% commission to that and list your Artworks and promote them.

Upload Photos:

There are many reasons why you could upload some of your photos.

  • Send photos of yourself or Friend/family to be drawn by other members (possible commission and no nudity please here). Not Visible to All members, only to people we know/trust who maybe interested.

  • Upload any photo of yours (not people) that you don't mind sharing, copyright Free, that other members can draw. We love Nature, Animals, costumes, buildings, trees, flowers...

  • Send photos that only our regulars or Artists we know/trust could draw (possible commission) with artistic nudity accepted. Not Visible to All members, only to people we know/Trust who maybe interested.

Only For Full Life Drawing Members (£5/week all incl. with Live classes, recordings and Monthly progress guidance) 

  • Drawings from classes private upload folder that you can decide who else, apart from us, to shared it with. You can share it with people you know, trust drawn at our Online and/or in Person classes you go to. This is automatically created when you become a full member (New). Ideal for looking at progression, ups, downs, Evolution. All folders created for Full Life Drawing members or images uploaded anywhere here, will be deleted after 2 months after you left. If we delete any of your drawings by mistake please let us know.

  • Monthly in depth feedback uploads folder that we check a few times a week. Only visible to Full members.

  • Uploads of Drawings/Paintings created using the recordings of classes. Made visible to all members in Newsletters.

  • Private folder that can be shared showing images that you'd like someone to draw (Possible commission) that will show in our Newsletters.

  • Access to our Special In Person recommended classes upload folder with recommendations sometime written on them so all full members and map members get to know the best places to go & Draw.

  • Upload your own nude Artistic photos, must be 18, only for other full members and people we fully trust to Draw/Paint (Commission possible)

  • Art you'd like to Exhibit, Sell that we can show here in our Life Arts Gallery (coming soon), with sticky note at bottom with name and contact detail that we can crop out later or listed in your email with title, medium used, size, location, your selling price.

For Art models (created on demand only)

  • Private folder for Drawings they choose who to share with

  • Private Folder for Drawings to be shared and shown, incl. our Newsletters.

  • Private Folder for Photos not to be shared

  • Private folder for photos to be shared only in Pro Portfolio

No image uploaded in any of those folders can be published, reproduced/ or copied without our written consent. Any infringement will leed to £1000 minimum fine to pay per case. Any Artwork can be photographed professionally at a cost with discounts on large volumes. Get in touch for more information at eukart at

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