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Show and Post on the Art Map 

First you'll need to join your local group here, which carries a tiny admin recurring cost so that someone can moderate your posts. If your city/area isn't there yet, please contact us.
Then you will get invited to post/answer to other locals posts anonymously or not  by signing up without using surnames for maximum privacy. You'll then be able to post all sorts, from Voice recordings, photos, videos, that we'll archive a few days later if files are on the large side to save on costs. 
Then we'll moderate your post within 48 hrs, or it may only take a minute depending on the time of posting. You'll also be able to post in our Fun to Do group.
Any post connected to any zoom class will not be published as this is what we do now to be able to help everyone else with in Person events/ classes without competing with anyone so we can continue crusading, since 2003, to make sure 2D Paper Drawing together never disappears, the way it nearly did.

This map was created in 2023, after 20 years of mainly word of mouth influencing, and only shows cities where we have any number of Members who hope to find, join, organize local events with other enthusiast locals or offer/find jobs in the Arts. If you plan to travel anywhere, make sure you check what is happening there, to begin planning the sharing of your Passion, no matter where that is.
White: Cities with Artists & enthusiasts, Red: In person Figure Drawing classes/events, Yellow: Portrait & Costumed models, Green: Portrait and dressed volunteer models, Blue: Pro Life models, Purple: Volunteer life models. Please be aware that volunteers will only do so for groups or privately when they know you well enough, so don't ask as it may be viewed as harrassment.
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