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 Our Groups are divided by subjects and by cities or countries.

General International groups per country can be found here on the Network so we can add you to our map or Facebook for the Social media exposure, on Ning for helping individuals run their projects and groups, on Buzz About, to help the creative community have their own much more friendly and affordable Facebook style platform for everything and for an easier/better mobile experience.

Groups on this Platform are Only international country groups
On Facebook they are the same but also international interest groups
On Ning they are all sorts of groups from Cities, villages, Local private groups, Models, Artists support groups or Alternative subjects.
On Buzz About they are also all sorts and Free to join but not to run and moderate. A low cost membership allows for advertising, selling, promoting, etc... This is a brand new platform that will need a little time for polishing but already fully useable.

Groups you can join Today and where to find them: 1 iGs LDN for the Life Drawing Network - 2 is Facebook - 3 is Ning "Fun to Draw" website - 4 is Buzz About - 5 will be for Our full members when the community has grown.

General Area groups: Countries (1-2-3-4) - Cities (1-2-3-4)
General Subjects groups, mainly for full members : Easels - Paper - Preparation - Poses - Classical Artists - Modern Artists - Composition - Pencil - Charcoal - Ink - Watercolour - gouache - Acrylics - Oil - New oils - Old techniques - New ideas - Brushes - Digital tools - Shop supplies - Artists who share knowledge - Used equipment - Online Models - Online volunteer models - Models chat/advice - Art feedback - Art collectors - Online Courses - In person Courses - Art teachers group - Art for kids - Art for mature age group - Art travel - Anatomy - Draw from memory - Cartoon and Character design - Master Artwork copying - Photo-realism - Pastels - Clay sculpture - Body casting - Nude photography - Portraiture for beginners - Life Drawing for beginners - Art Galleries/Exhibitions - Create your own Art gallery - Virtual reality Life Drawing - Art for sale - Exercising/tips to improve - Recommended private teachers - Recommended classes - Recommended Courses - Meditation approach - Movement/yoga approach -  Naturist classes - Bodypainting - 3D scanning Body Art - Illustrator/editing - Photography for Art exhibitions - Photo tuition/workshops - Photo editing - Art scanning/printing - Color science - Legal - Accounting - Drawing for scripts - Drawing from Story telling - Left/right side of brain - Black paper - Drawing at work - Hen/stag Art activities - Motivation & reminders - Outdoor classes - Alternative/Erotic Art - Costume/cosplay Art - Body areas classes - 

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