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Always good to know for Life models... If you are not one of them this page won't be of any interest to you...


What do we offer to Life Models?

  1. Online security and Privacy

  2. New ways to make money

  3. Better wages

  4. Unlimited possibilities

  5. Creation of their own Digital Portfolio

  6. Advice and warnings

  1. Online Security and Privacy, means that we take extremely seriously the use and publishing of their image and name in the short to the Long term. In the short term we ask them to change their name to a model name, try not to use Facebook photos but new photos so no one can identify them on Facebook or Social media in general. We ask them to sign a Video model release that is a must for us to be able and allowed to show any video/recordings of them. Then we invigilate the network members who hire their videos, asking the Artists to show us some of their existing work, but preferably what they've done with the recording(s) so we may be able to offer them to Exhibit their work. Our Commission is the same as in a solid Art Gallery or 50% that is shared equally with the model. Because they are Free Porn websites out there we never had problems with the wrong type of Artists especially because the hire of videos isn't free at £5 to £10/video. For the long term we thought if it would be a good idea to sell their videos and decided not to, so no physical material of quality where they'd be truly recognizable, will ever stay on people's computers forever. We just think it is a really really bad and capitalist idea, that we'll stay away from.

  2. , 3. and 4. New ways to make money, means that until now Life models had to pay to ba able to work, as anyone who would try to change this would end up in serious trouble, which is terrible but true and we'll explain our Life models later on this page. Please be ready to seat down. Once they paid 2 weeks worse of food, only then they would be allowed to audition at Art teachers, schools, who'd also need to pay for the service and then give 2 to 3 hours of their time, so about 1/2 a day as they would be send anywhere within the M25. They then would be asked if they'd take less and have the Honor to pose for the most prestigious, busy classes in London so about £10/h, it is still happening today/yesterday hopefully. They would then realize that they have about 2K models to compete with. They would then start wondering if it is really worse the trouble to work harder than ever for less than ever and now possibly online so their friends and family can figure out how he/she financially survives. Then someone would try to make a deal with them if they wanted more work, the barter way, scratching each other's backs... 12 the models would have to end up offering their time for Free in 1/2 the classes so that they could get lucky and get paid finally. The Only way those models would have to make more money would be to try to work for that model agency and accept the lowest possible rates...Many did and especially those who simply could never find another job, for different reasons. Someone would take advantage again from their situation... Here is what we offer to them even if we have to suffer from it. Helping Life models is equal as helping the all Art World, which is what I'm here for. I spent 10 years of my life on a grand design building project so now I don't need to exploit anyone but myself. SO let's finally say how we are helping life models financially. A- 15 years ago I tripled their wages expecting a bit of a buzz and it became a huge positive explosion. I recently raised it to £20/h in 2020, raised it to £15/h in 2014 from £12 and stayed £10/h after I rose it in 2005 for 9 years when it was paid £3 something/hour before that if you were lucky. This was our World that some, who made it that way then are still active and trying to destroy us as competitors to their business. I would not call theirs a Business, feel free to imagine words for that. On top of £20/h our models receive classes participants donations the next day with their wage in exchange for their invoice. At the moment they earn an extra £5 to £20 extra with 10 to 15 class attendees. With their help and yours one day they'll earn hopefully £100 per job so they can give the best possible performance. This is only the top of the iceberg as whoever want to draw , paint them professionally and the Artworks get sold though this website, they receive 1/2 of our commission. Artists who really measure their hard work could also join a tiny cost  Patronage group and pay very little regularly to support him/her in exchange for future modeling time. Another way for Life models to earn is to use our referral scheme for monthly memberships and they'd earn 1/2 for them.  Life models are also supported with any classes they wish to teach online where they'll donate whatever they want to us for now.

         We offer unlimited possibilities for them to create their job, carrier with my help with a 3 months internship. Please get in touch if you'd like to k               know more about this.


5. Portfolios: Life models can with us use new tools to promote themselves that weren't used until now such as Interview recordings, use of their other talents such as writing or music to create their perfect portfolio page...

6. Advice and warnings


From day 1 in 2003 I listened, asked questions, and soon realized that life models were kept in total ignorance in the most strict and old fashion system possible. 20 years ago it was the way any business would just about stay in business by using the good (but tough) reputation trick. If those business keep eliminating their competition they can still nowadays continue using the same old trick... This simply means that life models never received any down to earth advice, only the old fashion one and the safest one that always does the trick. Life models would simply have no choice but to learn the hard way. This obviously attracted people with filthy ideas, because they knew that life models knew nothing or near to nothing about how to deal with employers or Private Artists. I came in and changed everything, trying to help any and every model with common sense. I could have started a class just for female life models explaining how the male artist/the male in General works/functions and that Honesty is the key to most problems. Unfortunately to keep Life models not knowing what to do the bad model Agency has used Feminism the wrong way for 20+ years making sure that men would be kept not understood, ignored, not trusted and still happening now with life models who are desperate for any jobs...Most of them have to pretend and act stupid to gain favors from that woman.

Nowadays the only advice we can give without being slandered all over Social media at least is for all Life models to find out what any job is all about in a relaxed way and never lie to get the job no matter what the job is. This can only led to misunderstandings and people trying to use those to hurt innocent people for life, because a model said OK when it was not OK at all.

Warnings! finally the best part...

Since 2014 a small, mostly unidentified, group of nasty people, who seem to be life models, contact other Life models to scare them away from 
working with people in this Network , so all models should be aware before it even happens, that they use intimidating practices, threatening them to punish them or worse if they don't stop working with us.  Things like they'll never get work again in this country or Planet... They spend their time trying to scare any model we work with for the last 6/7 years. Before it was our venues, or our sponsors, our teachers...

 Usually they'd use made up stories and make themselves as believable as possible. Some even advertise themselves as Saboteur on Twitter or
 as Master of men, calling men dogs, all very publicly for years and years. Apparently freedom of expression allows them to play with our 
countries rules and laws and there is nothing we can do about it. The Police is on the case in different cities as they've been busy, but we need more information, so please whenever they will contact you, no matter if you are a model or not ,as they've contacted and scared all sorts, please don't be alarmed and simply forward whatever you've received to us, as absolutely nothing of it is true, at We'll also be very discreet.
This is called people having fun creating their Anonymous little conspiracy to save their discusting business where only being old fashion saved them from extinction. Please do not get fooled and help us do something for Justice and for letting us continue what we started 17 years ago.

The Life models past reactions to this, knowing that they get a shock from what they hear, were... :

A- Some who don't know whether it is true or not. They never ever answer back to us but we continue trying to help them with jobs.
B- Some believe those people and ask us to delete all materials we own that shows them, those usually we can't keep helping if
 we cannot use their images.
C- Some don't believe a word, will never tell us anything and will try to keep away from Instagram or FB so that those people don't 
persue them there...
D- Some want to help us and provide us with what they've received but usually it is sent by a made up names or the Business competitors, 
criminal themselves (crime number available) who introduce themselves as good samaritans. Those people run the well know Life model agency in London UK. 
They want us out for 15 years and We are staying big time and both won't give up. Except I haven't done anything to them ever yet but 
learning from them...

Who else have they bullied/contacted in the last 15 years?


they've scared all the venues we ever used, Youtube,, Facebook, Groupon, Cassart, Airbnb, a Cinema we worked with, Art teachers, some of our members, in the past, but I think there is a law now that prevents them from doing so now. Some of those life models are all sorts from retired lawyers, business people, doctors, dietitians, who don't always need the cash,  who would volunteer and definitely love the kink.

We are now used to this the same way they do. This became part of  our everyday crusade trying to make the World Draw and change it for the better place.
Why should we use a  curriculum designed to bankrupt our/your government for the last 100+ years?

Where is the problem coming from?


 A woman in her early 60's who still runs a Life model agency in London who has no respect for her competitors and for men especially, treating her male competitors as criminals or threatening to do so in other cases and using wicked anonymous methods/ just Whatever it takes.
She asks models to do her dirty work and lie for her, risk their own safety to help her business, nothing else...

This is only the beginning so the best we should do, is to ignore them, forward whatever they say, email, do and see so if the law changes soon to help people like us who haven't been broken
by low talent, nasty, people who never succeded with people, men, Art, carrier and are simply loosing it.

Models who have talents in anything don't need and won't believe those, who's only talent is to remove their clothes for little cash cycling all over doing that until age takes off tat talent and nothing is left but resentment, cruelty, perversion, hate against all men, etc...
Who want to end up like her who found nothing better than exploiting the poorest in this country, by charging them to be able to work once she had bullied out all possible competitors. One is in France now keeping away from the Beast...
I'm afraid i'm here on the blue planet to help, improve things no matter what, she will hurt the many no matter what for another 20 years probably. They read in my hand that I have 40 to go so I don't really care enough to become like her, the good for nothing beast.

What's the worst she's done in the last 15 years that I can think of today...
She asked a Lady I used to work with to lie on Paper and say that I was interested in her 16 years Old Daughter so that I am a dangerous pervert.
This still shows 6 years later after this was published by that Twitter "The Saboteur", also a Life model (Anti-men) on a Blog they've built as a writer's work of Art,
 mixing truth and lies.
Imagine yourself one day waking up and people leaving you, without even saying a word to you, because one of those monsters found them and managed to send them a link 
to this Blog that says that in a ver ellocent and samaritan way...
This lady I used to work with, came to one of my classes once and approached me to say she wanted to help me and run classes for me that could change everything for me. 
After weeks of trying I found out that she had a Alcohol problem and would make me take her for drinks where she would try to run out or disappear without paying.
She was drunk at modeling jobs and ended up friends with the pub so she could get free drinks and use Tony's venue originally to run her own classes which she did for 
a few months, who knows what happened in there with those boys. I knew she wasn't well so I never complained about anything but she always did.
When she told me she had a young daughter I never made any modeling connection as I never met her or saw what she looked like so that would have been rather impossible, 
then as I was providing life models for films and magazines, Marie Claire editor contacted me and asked me if I could provide a life model with her own daughter
 for very professional shot and asked her the way I asked 5 or 6 other models not knowing anything about her daughter. WHen that mean woman approached her and when 
she realized that she would put me down at any opportunity which is typical from Alcoholics, she asked her to try to find anything anywhere strange or weird that I may
 have asked, done or said. The job offer for Marie-Claire probably was the only thing they could find and she asked her to make it sound like if I was a pervert. 
So she did and said something like that i wanted them two to pose for me naked privately. 
Which is a complete utter invention that they happily decided to use to bring me down. 
I later spoke to that women who lied and she didn't argue she just said that this is a long time ago now that life has changed and that she doesn't want anything to do 
with whatever happened in those days. She just asked me to kindly let her be, which I did. WOuld you let her be?
Luckily it is simply too much to believe for people who know me so this has never ever produced the wanted effect. What would normally be the effect? 
Well a man could loose his wife, his Family, his job, his health and die of natural cause or by suicide with the worst possible reputation and forgotten forever 
as if he never existed and this is only the first 
example of the worst she has done but it could be dozens, hundreds of others :). 
DO you know what she did with those lies? She took her Feminist friend and Blogger to the Police station, hoping, praying that the cops would finally take care of me, 
when in fact they told them off. I obviously have proofs for all this, but it is just another needle in a stack of haye.

You could call that Art entertainment :)...

Please share with any Life Models, Art teachers, Schools you may know on FB, Instagram or even Twitter. For those who are not in the UK you are still kind of safe 
as they've started talking to American Life models and Art teachers, so I already lost a few of those, but luckily it's a big country...

When her Blog written as a Saboteur's Masterpiece get's off the Web, and only then I will hide this page. At least i haven't mentioned any name, 
lied about anything and haven't responded to their attacks yet with the same language and the worse, which they very well know, is that I am the absolute opposite 
to what they've painted me like for 12 years since I tripped life models wage and made the rest history.

Why are we talking about it now or how often do we complain about it?

Well to explain a bit more, this model agency, secretly did whatever was possible to stop me from running any class whatsoever, such as reporting my Facebook events which had nothing special about them, for years and managed to get my account deleted 4 times, which never stopped me from trying again never knowing where it came from until recently. She took advantage of the fact that I started from a huge demand, a new Drawing, Painting, Photo and video class in 2009 with the theme of "LOVE". No matter what I tried to do for the common good, this was turned into a Porn event by the same person who forced Meetup to close my 4 accounts, 12 groups 30/40K members, that benefited dozens of competitors who used to come to my classes originally or that I help directly. We are not alarmed in any way of what is happening today with them trying to scare life models away as so much as happened. I am now completely used to it and don't sleep any worse at all whenever I suddenly receive a message that says: Please remove everything, etc... You just wonder what's coming next. They've also started talking to Art teachers internationally and will continue as nothing or no one has been able to stop them ever. They use every success as extra leverage for the next job.

We've told a few times here and there what happened but now, because we are planning to develop, they are planning to raise the bar higher and higher. This page is the legacy of what innocent people have to go through when they don't give up to business bullies and will show that we warned everyone that things would get much worse. The better I will do for my world the worst those women will get. 

Our exposure is going to go big soon so if they can afford to pay enough people to try to stop me/us then my life won't be boring at all.

The only money and power those people have is connected with providing exploited life models to classes around London, provide Art classes in a few very cheap halls in London such as some Factory in Islington run by people who'd simply wouldn't be able to live survive without that job for obvious reasons we cannot mention here... So to make sure they won't be able to afford to pay life models in pounds or jobs to do her dirty jobs, is to stop using her services as we can help with models at no cost whatsoever, same for starting a carrier as life models, we will never charge, exploit them so let the Art teachers/schools know, stop going to their classes in Islington and ignore their Hen do life drawing events where models have to run around town with all the equipment to not use any Art teacher and so that she can earn more by again exploiting life models more.  Unfortunately she now runs a mafia of models and maybe considered as a hero by a few women when a man who'd do the same would be called a Pimp. She's asking those life models to come up with ideas on how to finally get rid of the problem and that's me. Unlucky me who could have done so much more for you guys,,,


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