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Art News

News for the Arts education communities Worldwide

Read or Provide the Art news incl. Jobs for England, the US, Canada, Australia and Europe.

Life Arts

When Life and Arts make one

This is for the widest possible creative Global community with Classes, Courses, Directories, Jobs, Classifieds inc. accomodation without the need for so much posting but where we can all find each other's and what we need for the Best possible professional long term results

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Fun to DOO!

ART is now Fun to do like Photography or Sports

If you Prefer to use your laptop and like the idea of unlimited possibilities in your groups, no matter what the fun is about then this is for you and you can invite your people there very easily

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Get the Buzz going near you and ear about it.

Creative Facebook replacement, on Laptops and mobiles with very few limitations and rewards for your participation with Classifieds, jobs, Dating, Posting, advertising...

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HAppy Creative NEIghboours

If you are mainly Mobile based and only want to connect to to events happening near you exactly on subjects you are interested in, this is exactly for you.

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Make the best out of FB by inviting your Friends

Forget the past and only concentrate on a more intelligent future without limits. We are creating Local Life Arts groups Locally regularly so fill our form first and let the magic happen. This button will take you to our Listing of FB groups to join if you'd like to get creative with your Friends, flatmates, neighbours or Locals.

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