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A quick word about what we achieved for Life Models in the UK, at least, since 2003.

  • In 2003, I realized that, the one thing that was going to be the deciding point between "together classes" to survive or not, was the condition of Life Models. Millions of British men and women enjoyed Adult Education Life Drawing classes for so many years, until then as all had changed, stopped, cancelled. I found out that Often, they were paid the minimum wage and forced to work 10 weeks in a row, under contract, no matter what or they could get in £s trouble. So Drawing them was sometime quite difficult as they'd show their condition/ bullying/depression/sadness. So one day in 2004 I tripled their wage and advertised on Gumtree, which simply started the big change. Weeks later the amount of models went X100 times. Models were happy so were we, behind our drawing boards. Unfortunately those who were providing Life models to busy unis and schools did not appreciate that at all and until now are still trying to affect our work using desperate models to operate anonymously, criminally. Every about 5 years I increased their wages, started new websites, collectives without ever charging them for anything when they would have to pay both with their time and Money to gain the right to work in the UK because of one single individual. I also tried to educate them exactly on what to expect, do as a Life model at classes and at private jobs from the masculine and honest point of view, which was absolutely unknown to them. Nothing will ever work better than Honesty and never was ever the same since. No man was ever permitted to do such a thing before ever and so I brought out the real World with absolute honesty and respect. A few models finally understood that lies or misunderstandings, can only bring trouble for them and whoever else gets concerned except for those used to defame competitors in exchange for jobs. A page will soon show here where horrific events have been made into a funny Satyr...

  • Around 2012, life models became better and better to such an extent that, they were so frustrated to not being able to benefit from it, that they started their own change,s and started very successful venture using Social media to their advantage. This also raised the bar, today, for what is considered as successful modeling.

  • In 2020, because of the Coronavirus, models could not work any longer, as the majority of them would not work online on zoom for the very simple reason that they would get paid cash at classes and could save their privacy easily. Now writing invoices and being online on zoom has changed everything and only about 5% still model today.

  • It took now about 6 months for Life models to realize that nothing bad had or could happen as, like myself,  all Art organizations take the maximum possible measures to avoid incidents and tell all their people what not to do.  Most models who are now online models, see the job more as an acting job, because of cameras. Which could lead to really interesting new avenues...

  • Today, thousands of people would rather be in front of a camera than posing in person because it's easier, safer, you are not cold, you can do it from your bedroom and get paid double at least to what was paid before...

  • Something all models should know is that only having the skills and disposition to be a good life model can help. If employers do not contact them ever again then they should decide to specialize with themes or give up or some people will use them promising them jobs. Really bad criminal actions, young innocent life models have been asked to do, anonymously, putting themselves at risk with the knowledge of the authorities. Luckily this is only happening in London UK as far as I know but let us know. This is also why we try to find out what other jobs young models can do so we can possibly help them find other jobs or the right one for them.

  • The rate is not £15/h in the UK as this is the rate we increased in 2014, it is now £20/h and less than in France for example. On top of that we add artists donations, that goes straight to them. We record classes with their signed agreement so that Artists can hire them out and we share 50/50 with them. We ask Artists to try to sell their paintings via our "Your Gallery" page for now and we would then share our commission again with models 50/50. 

  • Auditions are now going to be something very regular where new and willing models come for 30 mins to pose Nude or Dressed on Wednesday nights. Monday nights are tutored classes where Life models audition and also get guidance from me and all our Artists. We, artists, don't always enjoy drawing a model who models 3 times a day with the same poses without much novelty and tensions, so auditions are going to be incredibly welcome/already are. Feel free to join in as a Portrait model for example or Artist.

  • Many models will enjoy giving 30 mins a week to show themselves Live on our website or on other Platforms so Artists can join their support/patronage group that carries a tiny membership paying for an hour of modeling per year split in 1, 2 or 3.

  • Models with social networking abilities can also earn from recommendations...

  • Many well known Actors and Actresses did Life model in their Student days so this should not be a problem for anyone especially with the right precautions. Simply ask and i'll explain.

       Tony Picano (FB)

        Portrait Artist, photographer, Handyman/Builder, previously Life model for Schools and events in Paris and London

       PS. Please come back regularly as things are going to happen and change with your participation and Passion.

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