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All our model promotion is Free to them as this is a very difficult job that has been underpaid for many centuries...

In 2005 to help this new industry boom we tripled their wages to everyone astonishment and all changed then in the UK and globally.

How do we promote:

We do not use life models and try to gain financially from them at all, never been, never will even if some do.

There are 2 types of Life models we need to describe so you know which group you belong to with different style promotion.

  1. The Minimum exposure Life model are those who prefer to stay in our books only or any truly professional entities, schools, people we don't need proofs about their quality and professionalism. Those models are asked to fill this google form so we can offer free promotion to them, grow our database, and contact them when jobs arise. We grant, to our trustworthy employers, the access to our database with info that can be useful to them. This group is also for models who want to keep away from Strange aggressive behavior happening on Social media like Instagram or FB. The last kind of models who in fact should be in this group is people who intend to Life model for a limited amount of time as a way of paying a few bills. To keep those models even more private we ask them to choose an Alias name or no Surname at all. In person or online zoom models can join this group.

  2. The Maximum exposure Life model are people who'd like to be seen as much as possible as they know they have the qualities to be able to continue doing this job for many years to come and because they also Love this Artistic environment. They'll also know how to deal with most jobs without having to pretend about their experience. Only honest models who take jobs they can do will be able to work more and gain the trust of their clients or employers. Once you have fill this Google form, you will soon appear on the Global as well as Local Art Map if we have a lot of good  traffic in that area. Maximum exposure doesn't mean we will show their real name, mobile or email addresses to the World or that they'll need to pay anything. OH NO! Please keep away from those making a business out of them charging them to be in their books, asking them to negatively affect those who won't pay for their service in exchange for jobs, using Social media... Maximum exposure can apply to both in person and Online jobs.

Information collected from our models will be shared with people we trust that are doing a great honest job at no cost to them, but the bulk of people looking for the right model to Draw, Paint, Photograph, Sculpt, Film, have to buy a Membership plan for the duration they need this service for and can cancel at anytime. They'll be able to access protected pages only available to them.

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