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Fairness, truth & nothing but the truth has landed for Employers...

Life models population, in the UK, has exponentially grown since 2004 because we originally had to help them get out of exploitation and near Slavery, trippling their salaries.

Now they are so many of them, meaning also so many Happy Artists,  that competition is really fierce in London UK and one or two mega World cities. A few do whatever it takes to get rid of competitors or people who don't want to, or at least they think, don't want to give them work so they'll use dirty tricks helped and advised by other more  experienced rebel models and Model employers. We are talking about the beginning of a Total Mayhem that a small bunch of Life model led by a Woman in the UK that charges them to work unless they help that Mayhem illegally.

To avoid this to happen anywhere else in the World it is our duty to help the situation that we partially helped create...

To keep everyone safe we have now a record of all illogical, extreme actions some life models, anywhere in the World, have taken that created absolute mayhem for the employer, resulting in a financial Loss or fabricated bad reputation. Those Life models didn't loose anything and even sometime, gain jobs or more, from the baddies on the top who employ/manage some of them. This is the only possible protection employers can have and ever had before that we are now providing. They will also be kept anonymous to avoid endless possible retributions.

All employers have been contacted  globally (800+) or will be if they are starting up, so they can tell us in the most moderated way what should have never happened but did. This will be written here and will only be available to Pro employers that we know are real, because they have been verified.

An up to £100 reward is gracefully offered to kept anonymous life models who can provide more information that will help us expose those bad people who cohearse Life models, kept them frustratred and poor for 20+ years, so we can also write pretty blogs, that the World will love reading. We'll modity the entries so your identity is preserved from talented spies.

All life models who think they may not be able to act, honestly, professionally without being manipulated by people now observed by the Authorities, should not seek work on this Network. In a few years they'll understand their mistake.

As a Pro Employer, Once verified you will be given a Password to access those records page, that is changed regularly and emailed to all Pro Employers. Regularly means without a pattern, so it could be three times a day to 3 times a month or whenever.

Those pages are not to be copied, grabbed in anyway as we'll know if they are, using new approved methods, or legal action will be engaged automatically with a fine to pay of up to £5,000. You've been warned!

To Apply to become a Pro Employer,  to provide Life models information or to consult those records please press "Enter" to be directed to our contact us page.

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