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The Life Model Register

To become an in-Person Life model please answer the appropriate questions so you can be seen by the right people.




Who they are, how to access to their listing and their recommended rates;

Beginners: Only Full members we know and trust can access to them. Rate: Same as experienced

Experienced: All First Membership holders can access to their basic listing, from which you can find and tell us who you'd like to hire. Our Pro full members get the full professional listing so they can contact models directly and stop their membership also at any time. Rate: Rate varies on who is Paying. Some schools only pay £12 to £15/h when our recommended minimum wage in the UK is £20/h. Some Schools do pay up to £25/h but are rare to find. We tell our models only where to go. Some independent classes pay up to £100 a session to a very limited group of very hard working life models and need to be very good to join them and those figures haven't been verified yet but will be.

Private: Private professional models and Life models are only looking for professional Artists to work with privately but can find ways, borrow clothes, do challenging poses, and are OK with fee negociation for sets of jobs or long ones. To access to their listing you'll need to be a full Life Drawing member that we trust. Rate: They always negociate with the Artist.

Fun: Fun in Person models are those who have the confidence to pose for well behaved happy groups such as Hen/Stag groups or for Burlesque/Cosplay performance and/or modeling. Some of them also enjoy soft Bondage or Shibaru ropes, Body Painting, Posing with their friend or Partner and anything related to Erotica or Comedy. They cost more than the average but can negociate. To access to this Listing you need to become a Pro Member and can cancel at anytime. Rate: Their rate can go from £80 to £300 a session and is negociable.

Volunteers: Those are male and female Life models who pose for fun or to just do it easily whenever they want. They pose for classes in addition to the existing models. You also need to become a pro member to access the listing but can cancel at anytime. Those who will, have worked or are working with the Life model agency in London that charge Life models to audition and for the right to work, which luckily doesn't exist anywhere else, aren't welcome. Rate: Some volunteers originally volunteer to prove their abilities and grab the chance to become a regular that will get paid a normal recommended rate.

Pro-Active: Those are Life models who will not only pose for you or your classes but will help in useful ways as long as you support them by joining their Group at Fun to Draw. The same apply to Online life models who help you get there. Rate: They need to be paid the same as other models but when they help you need to negociate their return on what they've done or join their support group(s) on the Fun to Draw platform and get what you pay for while supporting them so £5 to £30 a month.

To become a Zoom/Online Life model, please answer the appropriate questions.

Auditions: We do not provide a link to our Listing of models who want to audition or who have auditioned no matter how good or bad they maybe. Rate: Auditions are offered at no cost to the model and aren't paid and we will never charge Artists and schools so that they can get Free auditionee Life models. Please keep away from those who do.

Classes/Experienced: We  only share our listing of Online life models with Classes who only run In Person classes and don't give their personal details but they can book their services (very soon) here on our website.

Private: Those are separated by gender and only provided to our Full Life Drawing members who can cancel their membership at anytime. Rate: This is negociable and can also be Free depending on the type of modeling and nudity level. All is negociated between the Artist and model privately and we do not take any responsability for whatever happens there. Please be aware that most video conferencing companies like Zoom have built in software that detects Porn style meetings and they'll close accounts without notice. Whatsapp is usually used for anything with adult content at the moment.

Multi-camera: Multi Camera model are only shared directly with independant  classes who take a Pro membership and who do not support the exploitation of Life Models/don't work with those culprits.

Fun: This Listing is only shown to our Life Drawing members we Trust. Fun Online Life models are not just models but people who want you to feel or get better out of drawing them and talking to them with poses they know you'll appreciate. To keep them safe, they change their name and don't provide any personal information, wanting to remain Online Life model friend, Muses. Again we are not responsable for anything happening there and don't want to know either. Some of them also do In-person classes or Zoom classes using the same Model name. Rate: this is completely negociable and again recurring membership support groups will allow you to get their service on a regular to semi-regular fashion.

Notice: Some Online models may ask you to not record anything even if kept private and to do that they'll use a software that allows them to control your computer screen remotely. Once you've done it once it's very easy and a good thing to do.

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