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mié, 28 sept


Zoom meeting

Weekly Theme Discussion and guided model Life Drawing rare poses

Let's talk and surprised ourselves/each other using rare, unusual poses and crops.

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Weekly Theme Discussion and guided model Life Drawing rare poses
Weekly Theme Discussion and guided model Life Drawing rare poses

Horario y ubicación

28 sept 2022, 19:00 GMT+1 – 29 sept 2022, 21:20 GMT+1

Zoom meeting


Acerca del evento

This class is about bringing ideas, requests, expereience together for the best poses we can draw, always getting the best seat, for the least money, with materials that can really challenge you, take you out of your comfort zone and benefit your style and technique. That is something we all know that is artistically proven. We also discuss, talk, learn, devellop our weekly theme.

 Everything we do here is what cannot be done at in Person classes unless you are extremely lucky and if you are, please let us know so we can let our members know. 

Differences between the two:

  • In a IP Class (In Person) we all have to keep quiet so all Artists can enjoy their inner journey amongst thores doing exactly the same thing. Here we chat and if we don't want to we cut the sound.
  • Here you get the best seat as if you were able to move around the model and get as close as 30 cms without having to ask or look very strange at an IP Class (In Person). We also don't believe in hit and miss use of 3 to 5 cameras at the same time as Artists don't have time for hit and miss anything. Instead we'd rather spend time guiding the model off session so again no loss of time and Artistic concentration.
  • We can use Paint, Ink, messy mediums especially for full members as they can spend months on a recording messing about artistically as much as they can make the time for.
  • Those with the Passion or full members can email images to me at and we can then guide the model with those.
  • The busy type or again and often our full members can produce Art when they can, take their time and exhibit, sell their work to other members
  • Here we help those who want to run their own classes since 2005 and now internationally. At IP Classes this could be the last thing you'd want to tell others and if you do, probably the last, as Life Drawing has now become the biggest Cash industry in developped countries since 2011, might as well :).
  • An in Person Class nowadays is a Monthly treat as it costs the same as all our classes incl. recordings for a month which is £20 for the class and the getting there cost (see our Price page if you are into saving money at the moment)
  • At Home you can also use equipment that nobody uses yet at in Person classes that saves trees, forests, air we breath and our Planet. If you come to our Monday class you'll understand.
  • At home you can work, do your Zoom meetings with clients and in between continue your Drawing, Painting and soon other things I keep quiet still :)...
  • At home we can all show our drawings to the other attendees and get proper feedbacks from people we invite especiallyor the tutor which is extremely rare to find in Person. Again let us know if you know of a really good feedback tutor so everyone can find out...
  • Early Bird tickets are also very rare and remember that you could have a class once a week with the best seat (near HD quality/not Zoom recording when decide to subscribe) instead of one in Person Class per month and that's it at the moment. You can also do both In Person for the treat and Online at home for the Passion.

If you know anyone who deserve any of what you've read today please share this email, as many who were dear members, let's say 10 years ago, now stopped drawing or go locally ( I don't run an In Person class yet still) and junk our emails, so too many of our emails land in Junk and nothing can ever be fixed about this, so please keep an eye on your junk folder and tell your friends to do that too, and/or join our Network and then check their inboxes.

Tony (FB)

Portrait Artist, Head tutor, Founder and influencer since 2003

07951613705 (Text only)


  • Early Bird Ticket

    Available up to 24 hrs before the start time.

    5,00 GBP
    Venta finalizada
  • Regular Ticket

    For a great Live experience where you can drop in at anytime and use any medium you like.

    7,50 GBP
    Venta finalizada
  • Pass Holder Ticket

    If you have a Student, Portrait, Life Drawing, Pro or yearly membership.

    0,00 GBP
    Venta finalizada


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