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dom, 14 nov


Zoom Online

Anytime guided Life Drawing with Artist Bodybuilder Georgia

From moving, 30 secs, 1 mins x5, 2, 5. 10 x 2, 20 x 5 and longer pose at the end.

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Anytime guided Life Drawing with Artist Bodybuilder Georgia
Anytime guided Life Drawing with Artist Bodybuilder Georgia

Horario y ubicación

14 nov 2021, 18:30 – 22:00 GMT

Zoom Online


Acerca del evento

This class is designed for Beginners/improvers, Artists, Art Lovers and even for the models or their future employers.

What will you be doing: 

  • You will tell a friend or two who also need a bit of great creative and social time and send them to our home page at unless you become one of our FMs (Full Members) so every week you can invite them as a one off on a Tuesday or Sunday and soon on Mondays too at no cost to them.
  • You'll go to our home page at anytime and choose the event you'd like to go online to to make great Art at, and buy yourself a ticket or two, for couples/families, knowing that a Live class nearly always comes with it's recording so it's possible to finish your Drawings later on and keep at it until you see better and better results for weeks to come from one single recording with guidance...
  • Then you visit our new uplink folder where attendees upload their Art weekly so that others can find their inspiration. This link will soon come with your zoom link after you purchased a ticket or are given to a class attendees.
  • On the day once you know you have what you need such as coloured paper that could replace white paper completely or Paint, Pastels, inks, clay, mediums that aren't usually possible to use at in person classes. Please protect your floor and invest in a strong bulb.
  • At about 6.20pm UK time, you'll click on your zoom link knowing that you've installed their app on your device from
  • At 6.25, the waiting room doors open to all. We recommended that you use your name, no surname on zoom, please always for privacy reasons and in case naughty gangs decide to get worse. Your name can be changed in the waiting room while waiting. Creating yourself an Artist name can be real fun...mine is Santiago.
  • At 6.30pm the host, which is me at the moment, until we can afford a few recommended tutors, will welcome everyone, introduce himself, explain the session and will welcome any questions. At 6.32pm we'll let our model know that the music is coming on and that we are ready for him/her and suddenly the Artistic magic will happen...
  • We don't take a break and enjoy 2 hours of intensive creative pleasure where we switch off all the worries, bad thoughts (for really lonely, isolated, depressed, in pain people). Then we simply want to see the other Artists and what they've done with the hosts little help/comments but all are welcome to help each others. Some people are absolutely lovely and I myself can't wait to see them again every week. This is not a UK session but completely international.
  • Those who paid for the class or have a membership receive our recording about an hour after the class sometime 2+ or the next day if editing is needed. Then those lucky ones can use that same recording for at least 3 months. It should be for life but we don't know what saboteurs may come up with one day on a WWW.

Now let's split the benefits of those classes into 4 groups and explain what we/I have been plotting/organizing especially for them...

- Beginners & Improvers

12 months ago, when zoom classes didn't exist, to learn how to draw a stick man beginner had to win the Lotto to ever be able to afford at least one in person class/week absolutely regularly and without any help afterwards. Now on this network, they can become truly regulars by buying only one ticket/week and spend the rest of the week drawing at every opportunity from the class recording, so no need to even go to a live class as long as we've seen you before on zoom at a class. If one session and recording isn't enough then our automated majestic life Drawing membership comes into action. It's not 2 classes for the price of one but 15/20 classes for the cost of 2 :) and once a month you get, if you wish, one of your new drawings analyzed in depth in writing.

- Artists 

do have many ways available so that they can create a new income with groups they can join where they regularly show their work where members support them so that they can find the inspiration they need or join a commission group when they found the One that will change the look/feel of their Flat/house forever. Artists have the privigege to be able to use Free to hire life models as long as they agree to share the sale of their Art with them.

Artists are also invited to join friendly groups where they can talk about equipments in a review style or about other Artists worth checking out. They also need to check for any local accomodation in case any Art lover would like to come and have a look at their Work as well as traveling Art models.

- Art Lovers

Can now join a Group where they found a few really promissing artists who could inspire them, or fill their best walls at home or at the office with stunning Life Art. A tiny membership helps those Artists continue producing and showing their work. If one Artist happens to be the one, then they can create a commissioning group where only one or two other Art lovers could join if they agree and continue paying monthly what the cost of the Artwork is. One month is what it usually takes to get things agreed, but if the work take longer because of being bigger, then a few months maybe required. As we handle all payment it is much easier to sort things out fairly. What you now do is to look for a potential Dream Artist and tell him/her to join an existing patronage group (£1/week per group member) or ask them to join a commission group you or we have created. All those groups are replicate on Mobile friendly or Laptop friendly platforms but not Facebook/IG.

Models and their employers:

Life models or even costumed Models are given the maximum security possible in the long term. We will never ever charge life models to gain the right to work (please keep away from those who do), we over pay them as soon as we can and invent all sorts of tricks so that they can one day finish paying their Students loans earlier. We now Know that it is very easy to influence things nowadays. I myself was a life model decades ago, so simply had to tripple their wages (£3.33/h) in 2005 which quickly spread to the UK and saved classes from extinction by 100X the amount of models and interest for the Art and tons more I don't have space for here...

We increased their wages again nationally when we started Online classes from £15 to £20/h about a year ago and added donations on top that we started using on Saturdays about 10 years ago that really went far. It was another planted seed that grew.

In 2003 only 20 classes were left in London UK and were all ready to completely disappear, in 2014 after years of happy hard work and influence we had more classes in London than anywhere in the World added all together on a weekly basis with 650 classes. 1/2 of them were run by some of my ex-students/attendees who for the most couldn't draw at all, so high the demand became. They instead only had to and made sure to write with a Perfect English which always made the difference. This is exactly why we now help Life models get together and run their own Local class anywhere on the planet and get maximum rewards for their efforts at in person classes creating a truly non capitalistic Artistic experience open to all people of all backgrounds.

New models /auditionees can now model after any of our classes at 8.30pm or we/they pre-record themselves and we share our screen so that it feels Live with donations only for them. 

We now can record any session at about HD quality if the camera used is also HD. All models names and identity is kept preserved so please do not try to get their personal details.

Please keep your camera on at a class as much as you can. We cannot force people to switch their camera on as many suffer from divers conditions and perfer not to appear and that's fine. We prefer those people to be able to have a better life than trying to stop people learning how their competitor is doing it or whatever spies. As long as all get a better life while drawing, that's plenty enough for me as we are here to bring everyone together and stop this un-needed, un-necessary competition.

If you are a life model and get asked to spread bad comments on Social media or anywhere or even get bullied to do so by anyone running classes, silly gangs or anyone providing models please forward this to us so we can ask them to stop. Every little helps :).


We are building our list of employers and will permanently continue doing so internationally, so that we can help them find their models in the easiest possible way so that we don't have to spend 24 hours a day trying to help, knowing that we do not want to charge life models ever. Those employers will instead pay a tiny recurring membership or commission us to find what they need in a similar way we create commission groups for Artists.

Employers who can't draw and who've been/will be dirty fighting their way up on Social media won't get any help obviously same as those who'd rather pay someone to find desperate cheap and even free life models. Only Happy models make happy Artists no matter what.

Art teacher who intend to run fabulous classes with Passion and honnesty are more than welcome to come and enjoy our Guided classes so that they can take whatever they want away to their classes/courses or TV programs. 

From going where no one has ever drawn before physically, now it's time to keep on doing the same but globally online. 

With your support i'm sure to get there a bit quicker this time :).


eukart at

07951613705 (always text first and no voice mail)


  • Live and/or Recorded session

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  • Free for Full members ticket

    Free entry so you can donate to influence your Art World or Free for Monthly members who can still donate using our Happy Donation button on our Home page.

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