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lun, 05 jun


Zoom meeting

"Not to be missed" Dynamic, contortioned guided Life Drawing with Stadium Athlet Cookie

Everything for everyone, all in One, keeping things going the right direction...

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"Not to be missed" Dynamic, contortioned guided Life Drawing with Stadium Athlet Cookie
"Not to be missed" Dynamic, contortioned guided Life Drawing with Stadium Athlet Cookie

Horario y ubicación

05 jun 2023, 19:00 – 22:30 GMT+1

Zoom meeting


Acerca del evento

Since the onset of the pandemic, we have been starting every Monday on a positive note, providing guidance and resources to make a real impact on our artistic endeavors. Our event/home page showcases our models and serves as a hub for inspiration.

For those with available time during the week, we offer HD class recordings with extended poses, allowing you to utilize your spare time to achieve more than ever before. Working from home provides a unique opportunity to explore tools and techniques that may not be available in traditional in-person classes.

Our aim is to ensure you gain valuable experience and confidence, enhancing your enjoyment of in-person classes. We strive to make our classes as affordable as possible, offering a month's worth of content at the cost of a single in-person class (£20/$25). Ideally, we encourage daily practice to prepare for your local class. We are also gathering recommendations for local practice locations to guide you in applying what you've learned and absorbed over the course of a month.

The focus of this class is to establish good habits and timing, transforming them into second nature. By doing so, you'll create additional time during each pose to experiment with techniques, colors, and styles that resonate with you, pushing yourself to excel.

Guidance is provided during the first hour of each class, allowing everyone to practice what they've learned. You have the option to mute the sound on your device at any time if you prefer to work without auditory guidance.

Our Monday classes are designed to be dynamic, fostering creative energy and providing a truly immersive experience that you can share with friends, partners, colleagues, and even your parents. We also arrange private and corporate event classes upon request, so feel free to reach out to us at for more information.

If you have a clear aim, passion, or plan, we recommend exploring our monthly plans, which can help you save money for new equipment or contribute to our models. This is a meaningful way to influence the art world and determine the subjects you will be drawing in the near future.

After two fulfilling hours of creative expression, we dedicate time to sharing our drawings, exchanging ideas and tips in a supportive environment. For more comprehensive feedback, full members of Life Drawing can request it once a month, and I'll be delighted to assist.

Our classes have proven to be highly effective for individuals seeking a swift boost in confidence and skills, as well as those eager to return to traditional in-person classes, regardless of their location in the world. We are gradually compiling a list of local life/figure drawing in-person classes, including portraiture and sculpture, and we appreciate your help in keeping us informed.

Word of mouth is crucial to us, so please spread the word among your friends and family who fit the following descriptions:

  • Those in need of regular artistic time to improve their everyday lives, which in turn contributes to improving our world.
  • Individuals with demanding lifestyles who can now draw in their precious free time or even incorporate it into their work schedules, between clients and appointments.
  • Those who risk their lives every day for the well-being of others, who can benefit from the added serenity our classes offer and enjoy discounted tickets.
  • Individuals experiencing financial difficulties who are receiving assistance and could benefit from any form of support.
  • Individuals receiving therapy who can utilize art as a powerful therapeutic tool.
  • People with challenging lives, working during late nights or early mornings.
  • Students seeking to enhance their skills and boost their careers through confident drawing.
  • Anyone facing geographical isolation anywhere in the world, now able to connect with like-minded individuals through our classes.
  • People with disabilities, mobility issues, or hearing impairments.
  • Models who have a genuine love for art and wish to actively participate, receiving free classes/tickets.
  • Individuals planning to or hoping to return to in-person classes.
  • Those who'd rather not hide their drawings or themselves at "in Person" classes,
  • Regulars at in person classes in London UK who's like to share, demonstrate their skills Live at Online classes.
  • Beginners who want to learn, start the right way,
  • Anyone who can explain their situation with proofs so that we can do what's best, which is to help them with Free or discounted classes,
  • Those know/witnesses my full on dedication for the last 20 years, and who can spend their tickets costs in FB or Google advertising instead, as we do get blocked if we try, because of long ago graphic nudity and sabotage issues (always comes with turning the system on it's head).

I myself Drew people before I could walk, and probably will after possibly with you guys. I am looking at new platforms and ideas to do an amazing job. I'll be keeping things as personal and organic as possible, so hopefully we can talk in my future private emails. Please keep on informing me on good Local classes, Artists, news, so I can soon lauch local groups/forums, etc...

Tony :)

Founder, head teacher at LDN

As seen on TV, Press, Media, Radio, long ago, now happily Online, living and also running corporate/groups events  between London and Brighton.


  • Full members & Models Ticket

    All Memberships from £15/month, give you access to all Live and recorded events, from which you could win cash prizes or simply use any spart time for your Art & Passion. Simply let your people know...

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  • Discounted tickets

    Please email your proofs at first, wait for a reply and once agreed get yourself the right ticket. If you buy a £2 and don't show your proof, you agree to loose them so we can pass them on to our Life model as donation. For being at the King's coronation please show crowd shots and selfies.

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  • Live Class + Monthly Pass

    Whenever you buy a ticket for a Live Monday 3 hrs class, you get an Active month pass (see our memberships page for more details).

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  • One month Full Membership

    This is a non recurring membership that will cease to exist after 30 days but that entitles you access to all our Recordings of that month as well as all Live events. If you enjoy our classes then you can go to our Memberships page and take the right recurring one. This is something I decided, knowing how difficult it has become to manage all you outcoming memberships from Netflix to Zoom...

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