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Zoom meeting

Lara is Back! with Tony's guidance and Friend model couple poses

Unimaginably good, rare, special Life Drawing class for you and your Friends, clan, tribe, village... This is a copyright free image wallpaper.

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Lara is Back! with Tony's guidance and Friend model couple poses
Lara is Back! with Tony's guidance and Friend model couple poses

Horario y ubicación

14 ago 2023, 19:00 – 21:20 GMT+1

Zoom meeting


Acerca del evento

Every Monday we dearly enjoy 2 hours of pure Classical Life Drawing with happy regulars and newcomers, with my practical guidance for 1/2 the session, while drawing Life models from all around the World, with a soft musical vibe to help us unwind and travel mentally (Always since 2003).

Our poses are designed to infuse more energy into your drawings. We focus on dynamic movements and gestures, ranging from very short poses to 5 to 10 minutes, culminating in a 20-minute pose that allows you to witness the evolution of your style.

For those who can dedicate more time and are passionate about their Art, they can enjoy longer and highly beneficial poses when they become full members and can then access our recorded classes at their convenience for a monthly fee starting from £20/$25 with discounts for those in dire situations.

This preparation could be invaluable for anyone participating in life drawing, portrait, or TV series competitions, as we have witnessed numerous members excel in these events over the years.

My goal is to help you fully embrace your passion and, if needed, guide you back to in-person classes in your local area, regardless of your location. I'm always up for mega challenges, reminiscent of my college days when for example, I tackled 100m² murals or created 10m² realistic oil paintings in my twenties.

Every Sunday, I send a concise newsletter containing all the necessary information about confirmed classes for the upcoming week. We refrain from sending news too far in advance to account for any possible changes that may occur.

Starting now, we will introduce a targeted newsletter on Fridays, in addition to the regular Sunday Reminder news. Initially, the Friday edition will be a free beta version, but we aspire to develop it into something extraordinary where anyone can participate, so there is no need to create your own. Access to this newsletter will eventually be available exclusively to members of our newsletter group, which carries a minimal recurring cost. By occasionally sharing the content with friends on social media, you can continue to support us. Additionally, we will provide a separate platform where you can join a multitude of other interest-based chat groups.

 Occasionally, we may announce last-minute auditions for life drawing or bust/portrait sessions on Tuesdays or Wednesdays. In the winter, classes resume on Wednesdays, and we organize occasional weekend projects. The more regular attendees and full members we have, the more classes you can enjoy.

To enable us to have a collective impact on the Art World, we have established a membership system that saves you money, allowing you to donate to our models and express your desire to draw them again. We offer both a Pro and a Life Drawing membership, which not only supports our models but also empowers you to live your passion by utilizing our extensive library of recorded classes in your spare time. Embracing digital tools and tablets can further enhance your 2D drawing abilities at an accelerated pace, as Together Life Drawing classes, we fought to save from 2003 are now here to stay.

I will continue pushing the boundaries and taking art to new unexplored frontiers for as long as I can...

Thank you for sharing,



  • Full members & Models Ticket

    All Memberships from £15/month, give you access to all Live and recorded events, from which you could win cash prizes or simply use any spart time for your Art & Passion. Simply let your people know...

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  • Discounted tickets

    Please email your proofs at first, wait for a reply and once agreed get yourself the right ticket. If you buy a £2 and don't show your proof, you agree to loose them so we can pass them on to our Life model as donation. For being at the King's coronation please show crowd shots and selfies.

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  • Live Class + Monthly Pass

    Whenever you buy a ticket for a Live Monday 3 hrs class, you get an Active month pass (see our memberships page for more details).

    6,00 GBP
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  • From Live and/or recorded

    This is a non recurring membership that will cease to exist after 30 days but that entitles you access to all our Recordings of that month as well as all Live events. If you enjoy our classes then you can go to our Memberships page and take the right recurring one. This is something I decided, knowing how difficult it has become to manage all you outcoming memberships from Netflix to Zoom...

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